No one warns you about 3. All you hear about is 2. WHY?!
I skated through two thinking how lucky I was. Then 3 hit, and all hell broke 
loose! Now I know how lucky I am to have an amazingly sweet, kind, and good
child, but 3 will give anyone a run for their money.
The root of the problem lies in their quest for independence. At the ripe old age 
of 3 they have decided that they know everything, can do everything, and want 
NO help! Oh, and they have a mind of their own and words that can now 
express that mind…..TROUBLE!
Needless to say I have a few more grey hairs from this past year, and I will be
more than happy to say goodbye to three. I’m am just hoping that something 
magical will happen when he blows out those 4 candles!
Terrible Two’s have nothing on Terrifying Three’s…and now you have been
warned (and can be prepared). 

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  1. It'll get better!!! The older they get the more you can reason with them! Then one day, they may even come to you for advice! You can do it!! Hang in there!


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