Someone Didn’t Get the Memo….that it is SUMMER!
I have been in several retail establishments over the past couple of days and all of them have begun the clearance of summer items and bringing in back to school items! Last time I checked the calendar it was JUST the 4th of July and I have 5-6 weeks of vacation left.
Needless to say, this sight is very unnerving to a teacher…but I did (being the teacher that I am) pick up some good deals for the classroom.
Here are a few of them:
These sentence strips are great to use during circle time or centers
because they are precut to a shorter length.
I also use them to write the standards on when I hang work up in the hallway.
$1 a pack in the back to school section.

I plan on using these faces (come in multi-cultural colors)
for beginning of year/open house activities.
They were on clearance for $1.29 a pack.

I've never done the whole Birthday Crown thing before,
but I thought I would embrace it for my second year in 2nd grade.
$3 for a pack of 30 in the back to school section.

All items were purchased at Michaels
So on top of these great deals, I used my 20% off teacher discount! 
Love Michaels! 

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  1. I like all the supplies! I never look at Michaels but need to!!


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