Teacher Tuesday

...or Wednesday. Oops! But I have a good excuse:

We spent our day at the beach- crossing things off our bucket list!

Back to teaching....Last time I mentioned my word wall-
Here is a look at the Word Wall Chant Sticks I've been working on...

I jazzed up my boring craft sticks with some extra spray paint I had laying around.
Obviously you could go all natural or buy the colored craft sticks.

I then Mod Podged the names/chants to the sticks
The finished product: 
I added decorative duck tape at the top
One side has the name of the chant, the other describes what to do
And a Crystal Light container to keep them in

I've also been working on these 'Pick Me' sticks.

I found this idea here

First I painted my flower pot with chalkboard paint
I then used my circle cutter,
Laminated them, and attached them to sticks with hot glue
And there you have it!

My students get a number in my classroom that corresponds to their mailbox (it's easier to hand back papers, see who is missing, and you don't have to redo 5 million things each year). I plan on using mine for calling students for certain activities or grouping. I painted my pot with the chalkboard paint so that I could write pick me on it. 

...and a teacher tip:

A fun, easy, and off the counter way of storing your flashcard. Simply hole punch your flashcard, place through metal rings, and hang from wooden dowels. I attach the 3M hooks (placing in opposite directions so the dowel doesn't fall off) from the bottom of a cabinet to utilize vertical space. 
Kids can easily grab them and do flashcard drills with each other. The cards stay neat on the rings so it's easy to clean up. 

Do you have any good teacher tips to share? Would love to hear them!

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  1. Super cute ides!! Where did you get the template for the numbers??

  2. @ Crazed for Color:
    Thanks!....if you click on the 'here' in Found this idea here.... it will link you to the original blog for the numbers.


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