Tuesday’s Thoughts (or Ramblings)

1. It is freezing! Seriously, the high today was 51* and I seriously don’t think we hit that! It was VERY difficult to get out of that warm cozy bed (especially after 3 days off)

2. This weekend we tried out this Pioneer Woman recipe. Definitely not on the diet, but it was definitely delicious. And my photos definitely don't look like the Pioneer's. 

3. P has begun the love affair with Mickey and asks to watch it, on the couch, with a blanket, and a bottle, and mommy. I am loving every.single.second.

4. I ran to Target over the weekend to get diapers. Seriously. I had a list and everything. I was going to stick to the list.

Darn you, Target. Every.Single.Time

So all these goodies would be to start decorating for NEXT year’s classroom. I am ready for change and have the most amazing scheme in my head. Hopefully it will turn out the way I am envisioning.

5. I worked on this Main Idea Pack I started almost exactly one year ago. P got horribly sick with a stomach bug, that I then got….and well it was derailed from there. I am excited to cross it off the list finish it up and use it in the next couple of weeks. Fingers crossed it will be posted tonight and I will be back tomorrow to give you a closer look at it.

6. Speaking of…. This week I will be teaching main idea ;) with MLK Jr. using some of these fun ideas/ craftivities.

This amazing Flip-Flap-Book from Simply Skilled in Second.
Seriously, they are creative and make students think!

We will be making this adorable freebie from
Teaching in High Heels to go with our writing piece. 
Then we are onto SNOW (and P.I.E)! And I CANNOT WAIT to engage my students in some exciting ways/things I have planned.

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Teach. Create. Love Life.


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