I saw this on the great Heir to Blair's site.....and thought it was fun...

Current Books~ Fifty Shades Trilogy, Love the One You're With, and Kagan 

Current Playlist~ Home by Phillip Phillips (I am embarrassed about this one. I loved the song and looked up who it was....really? American Idol?!) and Old School- DJ Kool...Let Me Clear My Throat. Ha!

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure~ NAPS!! What am I going to do come August 13?!

Current Color(s)~ Aqua, Yellow, and Grey- fresh and fun

Current Drink~ REAL Coke

Current Food~ any and everything...could be a problem!

Current Favorite Show~ Property Brothers, Kitchen Cousins, and Love it or List it. more...Sarah's House- seriously, Sarah come do my house!

Current Wish list~ My dream house and new fall wardrobe (that I don't have to pay for)

Current Bane(s) of my Existence~ my son's refusal to sleep

Current Slang or Saying~ going old school on this one...."Dude" Don't know why or when, but it has made it's appearance and has decided to stay, dude!

Current Outfit~ Black skirt and tank top....what am I going to do when I have to start dressing professionally? 

Current Excitement~ Olympics

Current Mood~ tired from a little boy who has decided he needs to come visit every.single.morning at 4am! and stressed...ONLY 2 weeks left of summer and a birthday party to pull together! and happy, The Mr. is on vacation next week!

Off to the gym to work on one of those current issues...

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