Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

One thing that I am horrible at is making decisions. That would be why I have spent over a year (and the majority of my summer) trying to find a mirror that I like. The mirror was to replace this gem-

Nothing horrible, but it had done it's job and it was time to move on. 

The first mirror choice and the one I liked the best came from Pottery Barn (of course). But at $699...Did I mention I was a teacher?!

So I thought I would downsize to this PB mirror, but $250 still (not including the extra shipping because it's only available online) wasn't the most reasonable. 

Then, I came across this beauty at Hobby Lobby (last year) and kept going back and forth and just couldn't pull the trigger on it.
(notice the similarity between it and the PB mirror)

This summer, when I REALLY kicked up the mirror search, I came across some great ones at Kirklands. Including this one-

So, if you've made it this far in the world's most boring post I congratulate you! Hang on the mirror saga is almost over!

I narrowed it down to these mirrors and then received the 'golden ticket'- a 10% off coupon at PB!! That NEVER happens. SO, I sat down at the computer ready to purchase when...on back order until September! REALLY?!

This leads me to bringing home BOTH the Hobby Lobby and Kirkland mirrors. And oddly enough the decision became easy at this point because The Mr. walked in and said, "What is this, a fun house?" and later "Do we live in a disco?" I will give you one guess as to which mirror he was talking about!

So I present to you our new mirror

Do you like it?

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  1. YES!!!!! LOVE IT!!! See, it was worth the wait! and since when have husbands become designers? LOL!! Good job!!!! md

  2. Oh md... Haha. It looks fabulous!! Great job :)


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