**WARNING** This post may be long and rambling, but it has a purpose. I promise!

Towards the end of 2016 life seemed stressed. The holidays, crazy work schedules, kids, etc. Typical things. But I wasn’t ‘dealing’ with them as well as I normally would.
The New Year was approaching and the typical time for people to make their resolutions. I gave up the whole resolution thing a couple of years ago when I started using One Word. So, I began to search for my word as other’s promised to give up things, and exercise, and save more. This word kept coming to mind (speaking to me if you will) but I kept quieting it because I felt it wasn’t pushing me or powerful enough. In actuality, it was the exact opposite.
However, the more I seemed to quiet it, the more I would see it and hear it.

As much as I was trying to push it away, I knew it was the word I needed. It was what was missing in my life and making me feel so overwhelmed.
I’ve been on a journey for the last month and a half to find what balance means to me. So far, what I’ve come up with, is more time for me. As a wife, teacher, mother, and the other multitude of hats that come on and off throughout the day, I was putting myself last…if at all. My cup was beyond empty and needed filling.

This search for balance and filling my cup has lead me on a journey to become healthy. Not only did I put myself last, I also was putting my health last. As much as I was ‘dieting’ and ‘exercising’ I was actually gaining weight not losing.  I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin, let alone my clothes.

In the past month or two I have changed my eating habits and added in 30 min of exercise a day. I have more energy, I’ve actually lost more weight than I ever have, and by spending 2% of my day on ME I’ve gained some balance.

So why am I telling you this? Because I think the world could use more honesty. Because I know I am not the only person feeling overwhelmed and trying to find balance. We tend to post all the ‘happy’ for people to see and it gives the false sense of perfection.

So now I’m going to take an even BIGGER step out of my comfort zone and show you my transformation. <<GULP>>

There you have it. My before. And my progress.
This is a journey I’m on. I’m in this for good because I’m tired of starting over, and I’m worth it. My kids/family is worth it.

Yes there will be some changes in the blog and my social media accounts (like I may actually make some posts.)  When I first created my blog, I never meant for it to truly become an education only platform. I wanted and intended it to be about my life. My love for creativity, teaching, and creating a life that I love to live.  But as you can see, balance was thrown off.

So I hope you stay with me and join me. Journeys are lonely on their own, and I would love to help others find balance too.

teach. create. LOVE LIFE

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  1. AHHH!! Oh my gosh Jenny I flippin' love this! The way you write is so relatable and I am just so inspired that you saw you were trying to pour from an empty cup and you did what so many others talk themselves out of doing --> you took action.
    Huge high five girl!! xo - Marion


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