Have you missed me? (my one lonely follower and my family-ha!)
The Mr. was on vacation last week so I was having fun spending quality time with the family. We didn’t go anywhere, but stayed home and worked on the house with some relaxing in-between.
Here’s a look at some things we were up to:

Another Home Depot Library Time...
FINALLY the house he has wanted to build!

Crack me up with his chocolate mustache!

I got my fix

We watched motorcycle cops race this crazy course

An order from Garnish arrived for his party

7-11...Did you get your free Slurpee?

His love for Spiderman continues to grow

 There was also some fence repairing and pressure washing, but I care not to remember those things...so forgive me for no pictures of them ;)

Tune in tomorrow for Teacher Tuesday!

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