Long time, no post!

What have we been up to???

A few weeks ago we were at the beach.
Every year The Mr.'s family comes down and we spend the week at the beach. Since we have all decided to start our own families we are now up to 21 people! It makes for very interesting dinners out, and a lot of looks at the condo.

Annual picture of the boy cousins.
Funny story- 1st time we took this picture they were just barely 1, and were screaming.
So, as any good parent(s) would do, we took it from the back ;)

2 weeks ago, teachers went back to work. My classroom looks the best it EVER has, which is bitter sweet. It was a rough week for me because enrollment is down at our school and I've been put on hold. So, my classroom sits unfinished (I was told half way through the week) with no kids and I try to busy myself with things for the school and my teammates. It is going to be a VERY long 9 days until I find something out. Here is a sneak peek of my unfinished room. :(
What was supposed to be the reading corner
Bunting and color scheme for my room

I crammed in a birthday party.
(A sneak peek at the party...post of the entire event will be up soon. :)

AND, my little boy started PreK! I don't know where the last four years have gone, but I hope that time slows down.
Typical, silly!

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