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Nothing major, just some things I have created for my kindergarten classroom (last year). 

I found after some time in the grade level that I needed some flashcards that just didn't seem to exist. So, I took care of that!

During our morning meeting we go through our drills: letters, numbers, colors, sight words, etc.

I created these because they knew their uppercase letters, but not the lower. And all flashcards seem to have both upper and lower, which defeats the purpose. 

These are all lowercase. Print on white or colored card stock, laminate, and cut apart. 

The color words come in the actual color and black and white. This helps you scaffold the learning. At the beginning of the year, they see the color name in that color to help make the connection. As the year goes on, the colors turn to black and they are actually reading the color names.

The number words are part of their sight words. I have plenty of flashcards with the actual numeral or show the number of items, but none that had word form. I made these a little brighter to jazz things up in the morning.

Lastly, I made some Kagan Strategy posters. These are some of the main routines used in Kagan. These are student friendly so that you can print them poster size and hang in the classroom as an easy reference to the steps. 

The Kagan posters can be found here.

The flashcards can be found at my TPT store for free. 

Please leave me a comment if you download them! :)


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