July...dun, dun, dunnnn!

Does anyone get that nagging feeling when the calendar changes from June to July? Is it just me? The teacher in me? 
Something about that word July makes it seem like summer is over and school is a short distance away. Maybe it's all the back to school ads that flood the TV and my mailbox?

The reality, though, is that we have 4 weeks left! 32 days! Summer is ONLY halfway over! I need to keep this in perspective and enjoy what's left. Not worry about the inevitable that is still quite a ways away. 

And with that said, I need a bucket list. Nothing fancy this year. Just a basic numbered list with nothing fancy on it, because the reality of THIS summer is to decompress,  reenergize, and enjoy. 

Bucket List:

1. Get to the beach! I live 10 min and we haven't made it yet!
2. Finish 'office'- clean, organize, and decorate before the craziness of the new school year happens.
3. Make my morning work packet for September and my Getting to Know You activity
4. Make some decorations for the boys' birthday parties.
5. Get back to my running routine. 
6. Enjoy the pool every day.
7. Read! (always my struggle)
8. Take E to see the new Planes movie and mini golf.
9. A date night or two.
10. Pedicure!

A picture from this morning- working on #5 :)

So join me in enjoying the 32! days we have left. 
Make the days count, don't count the days! 


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