Confessional Friday

I'm linking up with Leslie over at Blonde Ambition.....

time to confess my little heart out...

I confess that I am addicted to caffeine! I feel like an old lady drinking coffee all day, but I.LOVE.IT

I confess that I am self-diagnosed ADD. The amount of energy I waist trying to focus my...squirrel! 

I confess that I am a shopaholic. Seriously my card needs to be hidden and certain emails need to be blocked from my account. I CANNOT let a good deal go!

I confess that I have been sleeping until 8/9am every day. It is bliss and I am scared of the alarm clock come August.

I confess that this is the summer of L.A.Z.Y. And I am not going to apologize for it....Did you read about the crazy train I have been on the last year?! I am soaking every ounce of lazy in!

I confess that I am a little bit scared when P kisses me. I LOVE his amazing heart-filled (open mouthed) kisses....melt my heart.... but the boy has 6! teeth! I am petrified he is going to clamp down one of these days. 

What do you confess?


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