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Currently I should be working on my crazy list of things to do because my headfeelslikeitisgoingtoexplode from it! But, instead I am ignoring it (trying to) and posting this :)

I am obsessed with the Jack Johnson station on Pandora. I am going on week 3 of it, and I cannot get enough. Seriously.Go.Listen. You will not be disappointed!

That pumpkin has made its way back to the menu at Dunkin Donuts (my thighs and butt do not) and that fall is right around the corner. Living in FL your senses to seasons have to be more sensitive. Luckily mine are and I can already see the changes :)

TOO MUCH! Back to my head is going to explode. Lesson plans need to be done, pacing for the year, formative/summative assessments (that my county kindly did away with last minute) need to be made, and of course there is creating. The list does.not.end.
Determined to SHINE through it all!

Yeah, my office STILL is not done :( 
The curtains are made but not hung
The shelving unit is there but no baskets
Artwork needs to be hung
It saddens me....but at the same time, I don't know that I will utilize it the way I want to. I would love to go in there, close the door, and work! But I also know that I will feel like I am isolated and missing out on my family. Guess I need to finish it first before I can make that decision. 

Not enough time for work
Not enough time for chores
Not enough time for play
Not enough time with the boys
Not enough time with the Mister
Not enough time for ME!
(Please let me know if you find a way to freeze time)

3 trips
Greece- the white buildings and blue water
England- pomp and circumstance
California- road trip along the coast
All on the bucket list. Hopefully sooner rather then later. 

Go check out Farley and see what others are currently up to. 


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  1. I echo your thoughts about thinking too much and about not enough time! Hang in there, and remember it's only a 4-day week this week :)

    Ventaneando: A Window Into First Grade Bilingüe

  2. I totally agree with your thinking...lesson plans need to be made. I'm right there with ya, sister! I think I'm still in denial that summer is over and I'm back to work. Just listen to your poster, and keep your sparkle bright! I know you'll get all your work done. Just take it one thing at a time, and take small breaks to be with the family in between all the other stuff. Good luck!
    Thrills in Third Grade


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