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Sleep? What is that?
Unfortunately, E has gotten into the habit of not wanting to sleep anymore. (Is this really supposed to start at 4??)
I was blessed with a child that went to sleep easily. Whether it was nap or for the night, there was no fighting, no getting up constantly, no calling for us…Lay him down, sing to him, kiss him goodnight…DONE!
Not anymore! At first it was waking up at the crack of dawn early. So I implemented the clock. Genius idea! Use electrical tape over the minutes, and tell them a number. When they see it, they can get up.

Worked beautifully! However, at the end of summer I realized I wasn’t a genius. I cheated myself out of extra time all summer by not setting the clock back! DUH!! Please don’t make the same mistake as me if you implement this! He is also becoming too smart and has realized that the times on other clocks aren't matching (darn having a smart kid!).

Now he doesn’t want to sleep EVER! When he goes down at night we have to play the game of getting up and coming out 10 times, or screaming that he needs us 5 bazillion times. Don't worry we don't entertain him. He comes out, we put him back in- no talking, no anything.We bribe and threaten. Doesn't matter. He.is.persistent.
I thought he was giving up his sacred naps and that was the cause of this nighttime issue. But, his behavior without a nap suggests otherwise. 

All I know is that this momma is over it! I don't know how I got up every couple of hours AND went to work! PLEASE someone bring back my sleep loving boy!


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