Main Idea Review and Pack

Last year, for my observation, I decided to create the materials I would use.  I was on a roll….Then Preston came down with the stomach bug that, inevitably, I then caught. Well, a year later, I finally was able to finish this labor of love.

We recently used it as a way to review for our upcoming district test.

First, the students worked in pairs with the main idea bags.

They looked at each of the items in the bag and came up with a 1 word main idea. Then they had to create complete detail sentences for the items in the bag.  We presented these bags as a group so the rest of the class could agree or disagree.

Then they were onto a scoot for main idea circles. I printed and laminated these circles on card stock so I can reuse them for years to come. 

Students went around in pairs and looked at the details in the circle maps and then came up with a main idea for the entire circle. This was a quick and easy activity, but reinforced the skill. 

Next, they worked with their shoulder partner to read one of these nonfiction texts. Their jobs:
1. read the text together
2. determine the main idea and highlight in one color
3. find at least 3 supporting detail sentences and highlight in another color

Each text also has a set of comprehension and vocabulary questions that go with it.
They would be perfect for small group instruction,
but we didn't utilize it on this day because we were focused on main idea. 

They then took the information they highlighted and placed it onto the main idea table. 

That about sums up our day of reviewing main idea. The kids stayed actively engaged while working together and finding text evidence....every teacher's dream, right?!

Here is a peak at what else is in this main idea pack
anchor charts, graphic organizers, nonfiction texts with comprehension/vocabulary questions, 2 activities to practice finding the main idea

You can find it here in my shop, and I will have it on sale for the next 24 hours :) Also, you can enter to win the pack if you visit my Facebook and Instagram page.

Happy Good Friday! I hope everyone enjoys their Easter weekend! life.

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