Get PIE'd!

This was beyond an AMAZING day! I don’t know who enjoyed it more- the kids or me!

The idea of using a form of a real PIE to teach author’s purpose had been in the back of my head since Hope King shared her Periscope back in December. After attending Get Your Teach On I knew it had to become a reality.

We did make a slight change to using Pie Face, and instead had students create a Pie of their own that they would enjoy at the end.

So here’s the not so skinny on our Get PIE’d Day!
Chef Scalo was more than happy to greet the fellow chefs that would help her bake her author’s purpose PIE’s!

The students were thrilled to have their own aprons and chef hats.

They were too much!

Once we were dressed and had our instructions the students dove in. They had 6 passages they had to read together (in groups of 4). Each student had their own Author’s Purpose checklist (freebie from Read Like A RockStar) that they used to help determine if it was Persuade, Inform, or Entertain. The groups had to have 100% agreement and had to highlight text evidence to prove their choice.

If they had 100% agreement they took that passage and put it into the PIE tin they chose and brought the PIE to me.

Head Chef Scalo would then ask each group why they chose the author’s purpose they did. Not only did the purpose have to be correct, but they had to be able to support their answer choice.  If all of these things happened, they were allowed to add an ingredient to their PIE.

For each of the 6 passages they got one of these ingredients:

1. Graham Cracker Crust
2. Chocolate Pudding
3. Cool Whip
4. Crushed Oreos
5. Mini M&Ms
6. Sprinkles

To make it more authentic we had 50’s music playing in the background (I don’t know why, but it seemed fitting, lol)

They were active. They were having discussions. They had...dare I say it....FUN while learning!

At the end of the day I was exhausted (I only teach reading this year, so I had this experience twice in one day)....but I was smiling and happy, just like my kids! life.

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