Teacher Tip Tuesday

Just stopping by to share a quick tip :)

Do you HATE how the dry erase marker residue builds up? And then, you have to use that horrible (and toxic) dry erase spray?

The answers to your problems?


Seriously! As if Magic Erasers weren’t already magical enough! I have been using the same eraser for the entire year and have only cleaned my board with spray once! It cleans the board beautifully and there is barely any residue left.

And another tip. Take an eraser and cut it into 4 pieces (or however many you want) and give to students to use on their personal white boards.  WAAAYYYY better than the pom pom glued to the cap (the kids play with them, they fall off, you have to re-burn your finger tips off re-glue them when someone needs a new marker).

So, hopefully this tip is helpful to those of you who may live under a rock like me (I just discovered this tip myself last year)

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