One Word

Last year my school was a “One Word” school. At the beginning of the year we sat in our professional development (wishing we were in our classrooms) learning about this book

I was very skeptical about this PD and thought is was another typical PD that was a waste of time. 

I also wasn’t sure what I wanted my word to be. I was trying to unplug. I was trying to open my heart. But it was the week before school started!

I was on a deadline. I had an assignment. I blindly chose the word Shine.

However, oddly enough, just like the book says, once you choose your word you start seeing it (or signs of it everywhere). On my Coke can. In a song. I seemed to get signs everywhere that hinted my word was the correct one to choose.

This word gave me focus and drive throughout the year without me knowing.

Until now.

As with every New Year approaching we all start thinking about our resolutions. I started doing some sole searching because let’s face it,

2015 sucked.

I was reflecting on the year that had gone by and how I wanted things to change for the year. During this process I realized I didn’t have my One Word. It’s silly to think of the power behind One Word, but it truly is bigger, stronger, and more powerful than any other silly resolution that I’ve ever tried making and failing at.

So, I sat down. Reread the book. And opened my heart.




My word for 2016


And that one little word has already given me power. I’ve seen it pop up in things around me. Whispering me encouragement. Letting me know I have chosen correctly.

I highly urge you to read the book and choose your One Word. I promise it won’t let you down!

2016 is going to be amazing!


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