Teacher Tip Tuesday

Hope your week is treating you well. I'm back again for a quick teacher tip.

File Cabinets. Those big ugly metal boxes that take up so much room. I have seen those cute and creative ideas on Pinterest to use the sides for magnetic letters (and such) for centers. I love the idea and actually used it when I taught kindergarten. 

But here is a new one for you.....

Don't mind the mess around the cabinet... this one is in our workroom.

Is your small group table by your file cabinet? Now you can utilize it as a 'white board' as well as a magnetic surface. Is it in a corner 'out of the way'? Utilize it as a word work surface during centers. 
So it is no longer a box in the way, taking up space. Now you can take your file cabinets, small groups, and centers to a new level. 
Obviously, I would suggest testing your file cabinet in a corner first to make sure it erases well. ;)

create. teach. love life.

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