Saving one pencil at a time

2 years ago I had a class that I was certain lived off of pencils. Seriously. In 10 years of teaching I had never gone through so many pencils in my life!
Last year, around December, I noticed the pencils were starting to disappear. My hoarding stash of pencils was majorly depleted from the previous year, and I thought I was going to 
That's when the great pencil saving plan came into effect. 
It's simple. It's effective. And it kept my sanity. 
It's based on the number 2. As in 2 pencils a month. That's it. 

Every student receives 2 pencils at the beginning of the month. They know they are their pencils because they have a wonderful washi tape flag at the top with their number on it. 
They receive 2 because I cannot stand the hand waiving frantically when you've asked a question, and when you call on them they say, 'I need my pencil sharpened.' Ugh! (Besides the fact that my evaluator wouldn't think very highly of it either ;) )

Sorry for the rant... Back to the pencils. 

1 pencil stays with them at their seat, the other is in this handy dandy pencil holder. (Obviously this part of the pencil charade isn't necessary. I have a few teacher friends that have followed suit to save their sanity, and they don't use the holder....but it is awfully cute)

The wonderful Mr. 'built' it for me. Best part it was free after some dumpster diving.
If their pencil breaks throughout the day, they quickly (without interrupting) switch their pencils out.

Now, I know what your thinking. "Really?! Your kids just keep them?" 
Hahaha, don't be silly my friends. These are second grade KIDS I'm talking about. They do need an incentive. But it's nothing major that will break the bank. If they can produce both their pencils with flags still attached at the end of the month, they get....A piece of candy. That's it. Nothing major. But you would think it is gold. 

The plan- It's simple. No crazy paper trail and checklists because I don't have time for that. 

Save a pencil. Teach responsibility and respect. Save your sanity. 

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