Joyous December Shenanigans

A December recap through pictures for you :)

We started the month with our annual boat parade.

Then I did the Santa Hustle. Such a fun run! I would highly recommend it if it comes to your area. 

E had his annual school performance. It was so cute to watch him, he was so animated this year! (as opposed to last year when he made hand binoculars to find us and there may have been a wondering finger making its way to his nose. Ha!)

We headed to SeaWorld for their Christmas fun! We were SOO lucky! The park was empty and the weather was PERFECT!
Being eaten byViewing the sharks
Apparently it is normal for a Flamingo parade to pass you
We rode every ride he was able to...definitely have a thrill seeker on our hands!

Making progress- actually wanted to feed and touch the stingrays this time!

Finally telling Santa (yes, the Polar Express Santa) what he wants.
Gavin the Elf was up to no good around here!...Some of his naughty antics.

And E the Elf was up to some silly antics of his own!

Cousins made sugar cookies together.
Best friends watching their creations bake. 
Oops! A few too many sprinkles! But, don't worry he took care of it for us! ;)

And before we knew it, Christmas was here! 
I love these pictures! Every year I take E's picture with this Santa to see how much he has grown!


We left out our treats for Santa and his reindeer...

And everything was ready for E to wake up to...

Santa's loot
Our gifts to E
And as always he was spoiled by loved ones!
Some of the aftermath!
He enjoyed playing Super Heroes...

...But, in true kid fashion- all he wanted was a cardboard box!

I made a trip to the spa for a pedicure :)
And the Mister and I had a date night at the game
To finish off the month, season, and year....
Champagne Cupcakes
The boy that stole my heart
and fireworks!
So as you can see we have stayed busy! I hope to have some posts up on the regular-- perhaps a New Year's Resolution ;)


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  1. Looks like such a great holiday season! :). Happy new year :)


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