Fall Wish List Update

Well, it is officially fall here in Florida (yes, I know it's January). Most people think that we don't get seasons here in Florida, but we do. You just have to be patient and more sensitive to the changes occurring. So, while most of you enjoyed your fall a couple of months ago, Floridians are embracing it now. :) 
I do have to be honest, though. We are actually getting a second round of fall. For the first time in 30 (something) years we had an amazing fall at the correct time. Back in November we had beautiful reds, deep purples, and oranges. It was beautiful! Then we warmed right back to the 80's, the trees got confused, started budding again, and well, fall was done. But the cool temps came back again, and so is fall. 
Here is a picture for proof!

So, back to the original reason of this post- to update you on what I actually was able to score from my fall wish list.

source: loft.com
Boots that I have been searching for  for over 2 years!
Scored at Marshalls. Kenneth Cole Reaction
source: Loft
except I purchased it in white
So, not too bad! Of course I didn't just stick to these few items, and more items happened to come home with me. ;)
I do plan on making a Spring Wish List, and I plan on sticking to the key items I place on it- my closet is becoming too full....AND my New Year's Goal is to be more financially responsible. (AND for me that means LESS shopping- withdrawals are going to be bad!)

Here is a possible sneak peek to the Spring List
source: InStyle
Not 100% on it yet, but it looked very tres chic when accessorized in the magazine. 

So do you make fashion wish lists, and if you do what's on yours?


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