I'm sure you all have been wondering where I've been (my 2 followers that I'm sure have given up on me). Here is my reason for neglecting this poor blog....

What a crazy beginning of the year I had! My classroom was pretty much done (the best it's ever looked) when the bomb was dropped. Enrollment is down at my school so teachers were going to have to be let go- I had the least number of years in my grade level so that put me on hold. For the first time in 9 years I was faced with not having a class to meet on Meet the Teacher day or a first day of school. For 3 LONG weeks I sat in a half decorated and empty classroom. Not knowing if I should pack or if I would get lucky and be able to stay put. I worked throughout the day ordering items and creating homework packets for the grade level for the year. 
Finally, the day came and news I was not prepared for came....I am now a kindergarten teacher. Something I never thought I would teach, or that I ever thought I would want to teach. I was basically given 2 hours to pack my room. The 2 days that followed were spent with me in the classroom I would take over, with that teacher trying to pack while I tried to unpack and decorate. 
It's been interesting, stressful, and tiring! 10 weeks later I am still not completely packed/unpacked (has to be done on my own time and I don't have access on the weekends). I don't know that I will ever get over feeling like I'm 3-4 weeks behind, but it has definitely grown on me and I'm learning to love kindergarten!

So that, combined with having a family, an active 4 year-old that is playing soccer, and trying to have what little of a life that I have....gives you my reason for my absence. But, I'm back and hopefully for good!

And here are some pictures I took from my old room. (I transferred everything to my new room, but haven't had a chance to take pictures yet)

Buntings I sewed over the summer.
What was going to be the reading corner.
AND my tables- I had all student desks removed so that I could embark on Kagan strategies.
View of the other side and more buntings.
Student tables again.
And the yellow over the windows- this classroom faces the recess field. I like natural light, so I took plastic table cloths and hot glued them to the windows. It still allows light in, but keeps the distraction out. I then hang fishing line across it so I can hang student work for display.
Close-up of my border.
 I decided to try something 'new' and doubled up my borders this year.

Idea from Cara Caroll (maybe??)- took these $1 book covers...

And turned them into seat covers that have a pocket!


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