Fall Wish List

September is settling in and so is my fall fever! 

Living in Florida this means we still have a ways to go before we have cooler nights and less humidity (and I will just have to dream about those fall leaves!).
However, I am gearing my wardrobe up for fall and have a few items on my wish list...

First on my list is a polka dot shirt. I prefer the black with white dot compared to the opposite. I like this one with the added collar detail that gives it a feminine touch. 

Next item that I am searching for...a blazer. When we do get those cold mornings here in the south, it is quick to warm up by the afternoon. 
I have been enjoying layering more lately, too.  
With this blazer, I like the simplicity and classic look (the 2 button detail is nice as well.  :)

Loving the feminine playful look of the Peter Pan color. Dress it up, or make it more casual- a perfect staple for the fall. 

Next up is a basic. A basic that has been absent from my closet for WAY too long! Clean, classic, simple. Love!

Last, and it will literally probably be the last thing that I can find, are a pair of tall boots. These boots are a thorn in my side! Apparently I have large calves that make these boots nearly impossible! I am going to continue my quest to find a pair that fit, and I am determined to win this battle this year! (by the way, if you have the same problem and know of a pair I would love your help!)

So, those are the staples I would love to add to my fall wardrobe. I am going to try REALLY hard to keep it just to these few items....but I am a shopaholic ;)
(and I'm already thinking of a pair of pants or shirt in that yummy mustard color) 
What's on your fall wish list? I would love to hear!

...And if you wouldn't mind following me, pretty please?! (yes, I am begging on the Internet)


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