Craft-Tastic Thursday

Operation Necklace Holder.

On my quest to be better accessorized (and organized) I have gained a collection of necklaces with nowhere to put them. I was housing them with the rest of my ‘good’ jewelry and it was becoming a mess to put it nicely!
I don’t remember where I originally saw this idea, but this was my answer to my accessory problem….

I bought a small piece of peg board at Home Depot and had the kind man there cut it in half for me. I then spray painted it black- I wanted a neutral color that would show the jewelry well. 

I was going to leave it like this, but it was too blah. I went back to Home Depot (where I spent my summer) and picked up a decorative trim. I then impressed myself when I made angle cuts to make a frame.


I chose a few decorative knobs at Hobby Lobby that would become the hooks. 
Simply place the hooks through a hole and screw on the nut.....
Doesn't get much easier!
 Add your necklaces...and you're done! 

Neat? Check! Organized? Check! Easy to find your necklaces? Check!
The best part is you can continue to add knobs as your necklace collection grows. You can even add some S hooks to hang bracelets from. 

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