Teacher Tip Tuesday

It's that time of the week.... a quick tip/idea....

I know every county/district/state has different requirements when it comes to lesson plans. I usually utilize a smaller plan book for my own pacing and quick planning before I write my formal plans. However, as life has become more hectic that seems to be just one.more.thing. on my long list of things. ;) 
But, if I just go with the formal plans then I am left with a lesson plan book that ends up looking something like this by the end of the year:

It's huge and cumbersome, and not something I can easily keep on my desk. 

So, I have started utilizing clear plastic page protectors Washi-taped to my desk. 

 They are easily accessible to me when I am trying to see the page number we are supposed to be on. 
They can be easily viewed by administration if they walk through. 
I have layered the page protectors and tape to fit the 3-4 pages my lesson plans take up. I can easily flip back and forth to the class period I am teaching, they are taped to my desk so they can't get lost with other papers ;), and at the end of the week I just slide them out and place them in the big binder. 

I have also utilized the same method at my small group table. I have my groups and checklists taped up there so I can easily call students and make notes.

This is just what I have come up with and seems to be working. I know some of you have different/better methods and I would love to hear them! 

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