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I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for a Five for Friday on a Saturday.... 
because it's summer and EVERY day is a Friday!

Run, Jenny, Run
Well, my quest to get in shape continues. I confess that last week was less than stellar on the exercise front. So, I started my Saturday with a 7am run. Setting an alarm clock in the summer is just wrong, but when you live in FL this is the only time you can run and still breath. Back on the wagon this week. Alarm set for tomorrow.

Too Much Glue
Beyond excited about this product I just finished. I feel like an old school marm saying this, but… “Do your kids eat glue sticks?!” I swear that is what happens in my room. Like old-school paste. So, this year we are using liquid glue. Except, kids no longer know how to use liquid glue. So the first week of school we will be reading this hilarious book and practicing using glue as well as some comprehension activities to go with it.

purchase here

Glue dots practice page that becomes the cover to the comprehension book
Example of a page in the glue book

Target Shoes
Anyone else let down by Amazon Prime Day?! Black Friday was more like April Fools Day! Luckily, Target NEVER disappoints…and my shopping trip Friday made up for the lack luster Prime Thursday. Momma got some (ummm…. 5 ;) ) new shoes! I have been stalking these sandals waiting for them to go on sale. In fact I was at Target Wednesday (yes, I know I am a Target addict) praying over them that I wouldn’t miss the mark down. Make sure you swing by the shoes (how could you not) when you are hitting up the dollar bins!
Happy Teacher Feet!

P has a *slight* obsession with balls. So when he saw these huge ones at Target.... mind blown!
Then I let him stand on it and you could tell the kid was in heaven!

Cherry Jam and Chia Seed Yogurt
My new food obsessions….

Seriously. They are beyond delicious.

In the summer I don’t really like eating meals. I think it is just so HOT that eating an actual meal is just….ugh. So in the summer I tend to have little snacks/meals and tons of fruit.

So the healthy one. Greek yogurt (Oikos is my fave!), fresh fruit (blueberries or peaches) and chia seeds. Finally tried the chia seeds and I’m hooked.

Not so healthy….These Smucker’s  Orchard’s Finest are amazing! I was already addicted to the blueberry flavor, but the cherry one is giving it a run for its money. Both flavors remind me of my summers spent in MI, and require some self-control ;)
FINALLY we are saying goodbye to some of the carpet in the house. The carpet is the original builder grade and the previous owners had dogs and kids that were given more freedom than probably should have been allowed. Needless to say, I am counting down the days until it is gone….two weeks until install will be finished (just incase you wanted to count down with me)!
Before- Hallway from garage

because I am SOOOO excited for the mini makeover for this area!

Not the best picture of the main room, but.... you get the idea.
So, that's it for me. 5 for Saturday. A glimpse into what's been going on in my life... exciting stuff I know! And yes, this is me trying for the billionth time to make a go at this regular posting thing, but in all honesty you may want to follow me on Instagram (@cre8thelife) or Facebook (Creating the Life) for more frequent posts and updates. 


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  1. It looks like you have a great view for a run! Wow! Yes, I was disappointed by Amazon Prime Day, and Target is my "Go To" store.


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