Summer Bucket List

Well, I'm actually posting something so that must mean one thing.... It's Summer Vacay!
Time to actually breathe, relax, and not have the dreaded 'Sundays'
I'm linking up with What the Teacher Wants! for my Summer Bucket List. I actually laughed when I saw her linky because I created my bucket list a couple of weeks ago, and this year I decided to do something different....
Bucket List hanging in my office :)

I decided to break my list into 3 categories FUN, Projects, and Goals.... It falls in line perfectly with their's. :)

I know a lot of people take the summer off from school, but I like this time to be creative and get some planning done. Once the year begins things can just get crazy. 
While I LOVED my classroom last year, I want to make a few small changes.
Some things I have found and plan to incorporate...
I also need to organize my files. This has been on my 'To Do List' for longer than I care to admit. Part of this is because I have been trying to decide the best system possible. After reading this post from A Teeny Tiny Teacher, I realized that I am an old school girl and love file folders. So, now that the system has been solidified and I have come to terms with it I am ready to tackle the mounds of papers that need to be filed. 

My 'Goals" of my bucket list. It mostly revolves around getting healthy. I hate to say it, but this time last year (not even a year after having P) I was in better shape. I have let life get the better of me and I am ready to take control again. 

I am using the 21 day fix and my extra freedom for gym time to reach this goal. My favorite saying I am keeping in mind during this journey, "You can't wish for it. You have to work for it."

I am starting week 2 of vacation so I have managed to cross one thing off my list already. The Mr. was off last week so we went on a short family getaway. We spent a few days in Orlando enjoying some rides, sun, and water. 

The Mickey love has begun. 

This one is a dare devil!
He LOVED the rides and kept saying, 'Again'

My goal on the fun side of the list is to enjoy time with my boys (without going crazy). The school year is so hectic that we just go, go, go. Most of the things are geared towards E (Mommy guilt that he isn't getting the attention needed), but I plan on holding and snuggling P a little longer at bed times. I want to enjoy this time in their lives, they are only little once. 

Happy Summer my teacher friends! Enjoy every.last.second!

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  1. It's always so hard to juggle what you feel you should do as a mom, a teacher, and just taking time for yourself. But somehow, your kids grow up okay, your work is satisfying, and you find ways to squeeze time in for yourself. I can say that because my "babies" are all in their 20's now. So trust that what you're doing is right, and just keep putting one foot in front of the other. It'll all be okay! Enjoy your summer!


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