He's not so little anymore :(

Last year E started kindergarten on his actual birthday. Poor kid now thinks that the first day of school is his birthday. His birthday was during the first week of school (now questioning my reasoning of ensuring delivery before September 1) so he was greeted with his traditional birthday donut.

Poor boy was so tired.... 6am wake up calls are rough!

Sugar had hit and he was ready to celebrate at school!

On Saturday we celebrated with friends and family. This was our first time have a 'friends' party and one that wasn't held at the house. I LOVED being able to walk in and quickly set-up with minimal decorations and at a set time walk out and not have to worry about clean up. It was a beautiful thing!

Bowling Bingo found here. It was a good thought,
but the kids were able to entertain themselves in between turns.

P enjoyed watching the festivities.

The seriousness.

Bowling Cousins

Have to love our small town! His kindergarten teacher showed up for another birthday party... this kid was on cloud 9! 

I love his face in these next few.
You can just see how excited, proud, and loved he was feeling!

And 6 was had. No longer a little boy :(


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