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Over the past 10 years I have tried many things for behavior management. Usually, it is a variation of the original clip system, and of course my few lovelies that need their own system, but with age wisdom and Marzano/Kagan training I decided to switch things up 3 years ago.
I wanted to use a point system that was similar to rubrics used in the classroom so that students could self assess themselves. My (what was supposed to be) second year in second grade I had planned on having the students self monitor themselves using gold coins at their desks. They would have 4 coins and depending on their day lose them. This would give them a sense of ownership and it wasn't displayed for all to see. Well, that thought went out the window when I was moved to kindergarten- a land of its own!
So, in my new land of unknown kindergarten classroom I needed something that was simple and would keep a squirrel kindergartener interested. I kept the 4 gold coins but added them to a pot. I also added the most AMAZING incentive I have ever used....Rainbows!
I *probably* originally saw the idea on Pinterest, but that will link you to the brilliant Mrs. Lee.

Build Your Rainbow is their reward system.
The red rainbow piece stays at all times and has their names written on it. Each day they end on a 4, they earn a rainbow piece.  When the rainbow is complete they earn treasure box. It's easy and kids LOVE it. My kindergarteners couldn't get enough of it. When I was moved back to second I decided to give it a try.... and apparently second graders LOVE it too! 

The other piece of my management system that earns them their rainbow pieces is this....

A snapshot of an in-progress set-up from last year.
Rules are posted above, students had a star with their name on it,
and black ribbon separated the points.
Students begin their day on a 3 (good). If they have shown extra effort, kindness, or AWESOMENESS they move up to a 4. If it is a day that they are struggling to remember the rules they move down to a 2 (fair) or 1 (poor). This is a fluid system and they can move up or down throughout the day. Until recently, I never believed in 'allowing' students to 'earn' back points. However, since trying it, I like it! It gives kids incentive to keep trying and make their day better. 

So there you have it. How I do behavior management in room 220. I'm not an expert, but do have experience ;) 


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