Where have I been (my 3 faithful followers) you are wondering?
I've been MIA because it was my last week of freedom (sort of) and I was soaking in every.last.bit!
There were some workshops :(,
a first hair cut

a lot of beach and family
some crafting (more on these projects later)

and a surprise party for my MIL

oh yeah..... and then....
This crazy silly 9.5 month old decided to take his first steps! Oh that face! I.DIE.

And with this smorgasbord, my summer is over :( 

I have a HOT MESS of a classroom waiting for me (and meetings every day until 11:30) Hopefully, fingers crossed, it will somehow get done before Meet the Teacher. But, I am fully willing and ready to apply caution tape to the room if necessary, lol!
So, see you in a week....when, hopefully, I will emerge on top!

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