I said it! I give up! Enough already!

Where have I been (incase anyone actually is reading and cares)?? In the land of the sick. 
I was doing so well with actually keeping up with this old blog, I was on a role with a unit I was creating, and then P caught the stomach bug. 
Poor thing was so sick. I don't think there is anything sadder than a tiny one sick like that. I will save you from all the fun details, but needless to say my 6 year running streak of not being covered in a certain body fluid came to a screeching halt! And with that I was sure to catch it. I missed 2 days of work (right before my observation, during a full moon!). Good times were had. My observation was behind me, sickness was too. Ready to move on and catch up.... 
Apparently not, because P caught some other funky germ from daycare. Oh how I love germs from daycare! This time we were lucky enough to enjoy it over a 3-day weekend and the entire next week. This one landed us at the doctor and some antibiotics. AND it appears we are all going to try and share this one :(

But, in true mom/teacher fashion life continued (possibly not to my best ability). 

On the home front we were FINALLY able to go strawberry picking! It was so much fun....and somewhat addicting. 

Cuteness overload

Valentine's were finished up.

In the classroom we've been studying main idea. I created circle maps with details on the outside. Students were given a post-it to write the one word main idea that they thought went with the details. 

Then we explored main idea with mystery bags. Small groups were given bags with 3 items (details) inside. They had to figure out what the main idea was based on the 3 details and then write complete detail sentences. 

My school has been exploring STREAM projects. Second grade is working on a bridge building activity now. 

Students worked on researching bridges in several centers. 

We integrated math by having students 'purchase' materials for their bridges.
Students began working together to come up with a design based on their research. 

Build Day arrived!

Load testing bridges with pennies

AND we survived Valentine's Day on Friday the 13th!
We discussed character traits and reactions to events with Love, Splat! And then students did a writing craftivity telling when they feel loved. 

So, I am hoping to get back to the regularly scheduled program. I can honestly say I cannot wait to say goodbye to February! 
That book study.... I will post this weekend (plus I am DYING to join the other bloggers in reading Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites!). AND hopefully I can share the unit I have been working on soon. 
Stay healthy!

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