Five for Friday... or Sunday


Just a little late to this party! I had the best intentions for Friday night, but we headed to Chuck E. Cheese with E instead. Linking up with Doodle Bugs- make sure to head over there and check her out!

So on with it...

1. For a short week we squeezed a lot into those 4 days. The school was celebrating literacy... We started the week off with an author visit, then we had our Storybook Parade...

The cutest Officer Buckle, EVER!

LOVE being at the same school as my boy!

And we ended the week with Vocabulary Hat day.
Not the best picture, but delectable and architect were our words of choice.
Somehow I managed to fit some learning into those days (and control the excited kiddos).

We did a 'close' read project all week long and the kids LOVED it! (maybe definitely because markers and big pieces of paper were involved)

We used our story for the week (Splish, Splash, Animal Baths!) to create bubble maps on how each animal gets clean (gradual release was used :) ). On Friday, they selected 2 animals of their choice to then create a double bubble on. They then had to write at least 2 sentences comparing and contrasting the animals of their choice. It was awesome to see the teamwork (for most) and the level of thinking that was happening. 

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I am reading this book and am going to do a book club on here about it... with my 3 followers ;) I would love for you to join me in the discussion. I'll be back here next weekend to discuss chapters 1-2.

Revealing what's behind the doors tomorrow!

The office is D.O.N.E.!!!!! (at least for now). I shall reveal tomorrow, so make sure you check back.


I have my observation coming up in two weeks. The stress, dread, and worry has kicked in. I am excited about it for one reason....I am creating my OWN materials to use for it!


Do you use oils?! I have been interested/intrigued for a while now and have finally joined the bandwagon! I am using doTERRA products and I am a believer. I still have a lot to learn, but the inTune is INSANE. I was this <> close to medicating myself, but when I am using it I am "laser focused"....quoting the Mr. ;)

That's it. My 5 for Sunday. I hope you all have an amazing week! 

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  1. I'm intrigued - what IS behind the doors? I guess I'll come back.

    You make a super cute cupcake!

    P.S. I also had my 5 for Friday on a Sunday. I'm a "type a" personality trapped in the body of a "type b". It's all good...

  2. I can't wait to see what is behind the doors!! It's 7:30... How much longer do we have to wait? Also, I love the close reading activity! Such a great way to get students engaged in their learning. I hope you blog about your "journey to observation!" I would love to see another teachers thought process and planning leading up to an observation!


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