Snow Globe Craft

Looking for an easy, creative, keepsake craft for the holiday?

These fun, cost-effective, snow globes are perfect to make with your students in the classroom or your own kids at home. 

All you will need is the following items:

-Clear plastic cups (I like to use the 9oz SOLO clear cups)
-Snow (I use a mixture of the 'shredded' snow and these 'snowballs' I found at the Dollar Tree)
-Felt (white or festive colors)
-Pictures of your kids/students 
-Miniature Trees (These bottlebrush trees are found at the Target Dollar spot)
-Glue gun

>>>Now to put it together.<<<**A lot of this is teacher done due to the use of the glue gun**

1. Take a picture of your students at a decent distance away. I was probably about 8 feet away. Have them pose in fun 'snow' positions! For example- catching snow, throwing a snowball, catching snowflakes on their tongue. After you print the pictures, cut the child out. I promise it's not as tedious as you think and goes rather fast.

2. Cut a circle (a little bigger than the cup) out of the felt.

3. Take the picture of the student and place in the cup to make sure it's not too tall. If it is, not to worry! We are going to fold their feet back anyways. 

4. So now we fold their feet back (or maybe a little more if they're too tall for the cup. This will allow you to glue them to the felt. You will also glue a tree onto the felt near them as well. I like to ask the students where they want the tree to involve them more.

5. If your student has chosen to do a fun pose, you may need to glue a snowball onto their hand or tongue at this time.

6. Time to fill the cup! However you choose, but I like the mixture of the balls and flakes. Then, using the hot glue gun pipe glue around the edge of then cup. 

7. Now turn the felt over so the picture and tree are inside, and pull the felt taunt. 

8. Lastly, apply some decorative ribbon to the top to allow it to hang (if you choose).

They're truly adorable and the kids and parents love them equally! 

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