Easter Basket Planning

With Easter 2 weeks away I am starting to plan/purchase items for the boys' baskets. I don't know about you, but I loathe putting candy in their baskets! They do get some, but it's not much.
And in full honesty...I think Evan still has candy in his basket from last year!
I normally go with a beach theme (we do live in a FL beach town) with new flip flops, bathing suit, and other such things.
This year I want to switch it up a bit, and found these cute items.

Hello Duckling  //  Spray Chalk  //  Light-up Ball  //  Basketball Toss  //  Swimsuit  //  Skateboard

Obviously, as a teacher, I LOVE to include a book with every holiday! Preston loves to read as well, and I thought this Classic Golden book was perfect.
Thinking ahead for the upcoming warmer months, I thought Spray Chalk would be fun to try.
I'm always looking for fun 'old-school' toys for the boys. I loved playing the water ring toss game when I was a kid, and I know this will be a favorite as well. The
Of course, a bathing suit had to be added! I like the boys to coordinate and not match completely. This fun tropical shark suit is completely Preston's style.
And I will probably kick myself for this when I'm in the ER, but he is begging for a skateboard! He's such an athletic outdoors boy!

STEM Toy  //  Hello Nature  //  Lego  //  Swimsuit
I found these great mini-STEM Rube Goldberg kits at Target and I know they will be a hit! There are several to choose from and aren't horribly priced. I'm excited for him to continue engineering throughout the summer!
This book is amazing! Not only does it include facts about nature, but activities that allows them to doodle and create a nature scrapbook.
Legos. Boy. Enough said.
And this shark suit is perfectly Evan's personality. Classic with a little edge.

And what to put these items in? How adorable (and cost effective) are these wire baskets found in the Dollar Spot at Target ($3)?!

Would LOVE to know what your go-tos are for Easter baskets and what you have planned this year!

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