Celebrating Birthdays in the Classroom

How do you make your students’ birthdays special?
I love celebrating birthdays, but have never found a way to make them extra special for students without breaking the bank. It’s always the generic sticker, necklace, pencil, bookmark….
Well, on one of my billionth trips to Michaels an idea struck. How fun would it be to pop a balloon filled with confetti over a student’s head?!

So that takes care of the fun, but what about the ‘gift’?
It needed to be cheap, but have impact. Last year I started a money system and they were able to buy coupons with the money. The LOVED it! I decided to take the coupon idea and use it with the balloon. The top 3 coupons in my room were 1. Sit at the teacher’s desk 2. Lunch Bunch 3. Job swap (the joy of stealing your friend’s job for the day ;) )
I created the coupon below and will roll it up and place in the balloon.

Also in the balloon? Some candy, a pencil, and anything else you wish to (or can fit). 

My students will also get a no homework pass and a birthday card signed by all their friends in the class waiting at their seat….with a balloon hanging from the ceiling.

I am now excited to celebrate and can’t wait to get my class list and see who the first lucky kid will be.
Side note: My own soon-to-be 3rd grader was pretty excited about this, as was my 13 years old niece. So I am placing money on this being quite the hit this year J

If you like this idea too, you can pick it up in my store. The pack includes the coupons, birthday card, and this cute way of displaying your students’ birthdays in your classroom.

Happy Celebrating!

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